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ClearCorrect Aligners

ClearCorrect aligners from Columbus, GA dentist

Dr. Joseph Narde & Dr. Samantha Cook are dentists in Columbus, GA who are dedicated to helping patients achieve the smiles they’ve always wanted! If you are dealing with misalignment of the teeth and are interested in teeth straightening without conventional braces, we encourage you to visit our dentists in Georgia to learn about ClearCorrect aligners.

What is ClearCorrect?

When patients visit with the team at Willow Point Dental to discuss alternatives to traditional braces, they are excited to learn about these custom-made removable aligner trays that are used in enhancing the smile and straightening the teeth. ClearCorrect is one of many different clear aligners that have been used in dentistry to address imperfect smiles. This method of treatment uses plastic aligner trays that reposition the teeth a little at a time to achieve a perfect smile!

How does it work?

ClearCorrect aligners work by moving the teeth gradually into a new position. Patients receive a series of aligners and wear them in order and over time, the teeth are repositioned and a new smile emerges. Patients must comply with treatment to get the desired results.

The process of obtaining and using ClearCorrect

There is a standard process that patients go through to obtain their new aligner trays.
  • Consultation – before patients can undergo ClearCorrect, they must be deemed appropriate candidates for treatment. This is done during the initial consultation visit. Dr. Joseph Narde & Dr. Samantha Cook assess the patient's smile and take a series of x-rays and impressions.
  • Preparation – after the consultation appointment, if patients decide to move forward with ClearCorrect services, the records taken of the patient’s smile are then sent to the ClearCorrect laboratory. This includes impressions and x-rays. These are then used in the laboratory to fabricate a 3D model in the computer system to map out the complete treatment plan and to design the way in which the trays will realign the teeth. This computerization is then used to create a series of plastic aligner trays which are then sent to the practice after about a week or two when completed.
  • Tray pickup and instructions – patients return to the dental office to obtain their clear aligner trays and to speak with their dentist about how to use them. It is essential that patients comply properly with treatment and follow all instructions to get the results they desire. If patients are not wearing their trays, there may be delays in results as well as unwanted changes to the positioning of the teeth that may require patients to have additional trays created—at an additional cost. Patients should wear their trays for at least 20 hours a day, removing them only to brush, floss and eat.
  • Follow-up visits – our dental team will monitor the changes in the smile. We encourage patients to visit our practice regularly, so we can assess the alignment of the teeth and ensure progress is being made. Compliance will greatly improve the chances of treatment occurring as expected. Once patients have progressed to the last tray in their series, they can continue to use this tray at night only to maintain the results, in the same way a retainer is used with traditional braces. This allows patients to keep their smile aligned and enjoy the results for many years to come!

What our patients say about ClearCorrect Aligners Treatment

"My visit with Willow Point Dental was actually a good experience given my procedure! Dr. Narde presents as a professional, knowledgeable and experienced physician who takes care of his patents with gentle hands. The staff are all pleasant to deal with. I highly recommend his and his staffs’ services!"
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Who is a candidate for ClearCorrect aligners?

During the initial consultation appointment, our dental team will assess a patient’s smile to determine if they are appropriate candidates for treatment. The best patients for ClearCorrect aligners are those with mild to moderate misalignment of the dental arch and/or bite. These are the patients who will see the most noticeable results. Patients with severe misalignment may still need to undergo traditional orthodontics.

Interested in learning more about ClearCorrect aligner trays for enhancing your smile?

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