Inspire smile envy – Columbus GA dentist discusses five popular types of cosmetic dentistry procedures

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Five Types of Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures in Columbus in Columbus GA area
Researchers from leading institutions like Harvard University and the Mayo Clinic have substantiated what many of us knew all along: Often, a happy person is a healthy person. Happiness is correlated with lower stress-related hormones and improved immune function and plays a protective role in conditions such as heart disease. Willow Point Dental knows many corners of your life contribute to overall happiness. How you look plays a big part in your happiness, and your smile plays a big role in your overall appearance. So, when Dr. Joe Narde, Dr. Samantha Cook and the team refer to “Beautiful Smiles for a Bright Future,” they speak the truth. The following five types of cosmetic dentistry procedures in Columbus GA transform your smile and, as our very satisfied patients can attest, have many additional benefits – as they walk taller, more confidently and comfortably in their own skin.

Teeth whitening

If getting a whiter, stain-free smile were as easy as using toothpaste, no one would have yellow teeth! Unfortunately, removing stubborn discoloration isn’t that straightforward. But professional procedures are the next easiest thing. Bleaching or whitening your teeth is one of the most affordable and fastest ways to dramatically improve your looks. Store-bought products like “whitening” toothpastes often don’t contain the right ingredients (or enough of them) to effectively remove stains.

At Willow Point Dental, Dr. Narde & Dr. Cook may prescribe bleaching in the office, from the comfort of your home, or a combination of both methods. Since these products are either applied by or their application is supervised by a dental professional, you can safely use powerful whitening agents that get results. Routine cleanings at our office help to prevent staining or maintain white teeth, and we’ll discuss other ways to keep stains at bay or prolong the results from bleaching treatments.

Dental bonding

Modern dentists use materials that are made to mimic the natural appearance, feel, and function of healthy tooth structure. Composite resins are “replacement” tooth structure that may be used for a variety of purposes; for instance, this durable and toothlike material is great for fillings to treat cavities. Composite is prepared, molded, and affixed to natural tooth structure during bonding procedures. Bonding is a cost-effective way to correct imperfections, such as gaps between teeth. Treatment can be completed in a single visit. Preparation is limited to slightly roughening the surface of the tooth to be bonded, and applying a conditioning liquid that helps the composite bond to natural structure. Dr. Narde & Dr. Cook artistically apply applies the dental material to your tooth and shapes it to achieve your cosmetic goals, be it lengthening a short tooth, rounding out a pointy one, or closing a space.
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The concept behind veneers is similar to dental bonding. Veneers cover up imperfections; however, they are typically made from porcelain and require two visits. These stain-resistant and durable restorations are made in a dental lab, modeled after dental impressions of your teeth. Since Dr. Narde & Dr. Cook apply ultra-thin veneers, such as Lumineers, very little preparation of natural tooth structure is required. This feature means the risk of developing tooth sensitivity and the need for anesthetic is minimized. The natural tooth is slightly reduced to accommodate the veneer. Afterward, the veneer is bonded to the treated tooth. So little enamel is removed that ultra-thin veneers are considered to be reversible treatments. We also offer a “hybrid” half-veneer, half-crown option (or three-quarter crown) that preserves a maximum amount of natural, healthy tooth structure for those patients with greater restorative needs.


3D image of Crowns in Columbus GA area Very poorly-shaped natural tooth structure may get “new life” with crowns made from strong yet durable porcelain. Crowns are designed to fit over prepared natural teeth, much like a cap or crown fits securely over a person’s head. This type of procedure is often restorative in nature and frequently follows root canal therapy to treat a deep infection. Crown treatment at Willow Point Dental generally involves retaining as much of the natural tooth as possible for ideal form and function.

Cosmetic orthodontics

There are so many options to straighten your teeth! Dr. Narde & Dr. Cook offer ClearCorrect, which uses transparent aligner trays to discreetly correct crowded, crooked teeth. Even “conventional” metal braces got an upgrade. You may be a good candidate for cosmetic braces, designed with tooth-colored brackets and wires that blend seamlessly with the rest of your smile.

Of course, the above procedures are just a glimpse into how Willow Point Dental transforms your smile and, potentially, so much more. We also offer a range of sophisticated tooth replacement, including:
  • Dental implants
  • Bridges
  • Cosmetic dentures
“False” teeth don’t look like fake teeth; all of Dr. Narde and Dr. Cook’s restorations are as attractive and lifelike as they are comfortable, functional, and perfectly suited to you and your lifestyle. New patients can call (706) 685-6787 and existing patients can call (706) 327-3364 to schedule your appointment, and to discuss what’s best for you.

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