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Columbus, GA, patients ask, “Do I need an endodontist to perform my root canal?”

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Root canal therapy can sound overwhelming or even scary for some patients. Root canals have such an undeserved bad reputation that the word alone can make patients cringe. While the pain is caused from the infection, not the procedure, root canals can be worrisome when patients are referred to an endodontist who is a stranger.

Dr. Joseph Narde at Willow Point Dental in Columbus, GA, is a trusted dentist who has performed countless root canal therapies, bringing fast and effective pain relief to his patients. In addition to not needing to wait for a referral and another appointment, patients feel comfortable knowing that Dr. Narde and his team already understand their patient history and they have a trusting relationship with him. Here, Dr. Narde explains the root canal treatment:

When is a root canal necessary?

Root canals are performed when the inside portion of the tooth becomes infected or damaged. This often happens when a cavity is undetected or not treated properly, but can also occur if the tooth is fractured during an accident or from biting into a hard object. When the decay or damage nears the dental pulp, located in the center of the natural tooth it triggers great pain for most patients.

How is the root canal performed?

Dr. Narde will begin the procedure by ensuring that his patients are comfortable. Depending on the patient local anesthesia may be used. Once the patient is relaxed and the infected tooth is properly numbed, Dr. Narde will drill a hole to access the center of the tooth. He will then remove the infected dental pulp, completely clean out the inside of the tooth and disinfect it. The tooth will then be sealed to ensure that no further decay occurs. A crown is often placed over the tooth to add additional support.

Are there any side effects of the treatment?

Because the procedure requires removing the nerves from the tooth, patients will no longer have feeling in that tooth. They will not be able to feel hot or cold sensations. However, the tooth will still function properly for chewing, speaking, and aesthetic purposes. Because the patient gets to keep their natural tooth, a root canal is often preferred over treatments that include extraction and tooth replacement such as dentures, implants, or bridges.

Dr. Joseph Narde, and the entire team at Willow Point Dental, are committed to making sure that their patients have a healthy and pain-free mouth.

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