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Root canal therapy with unique aspects of care for improved outcomes in Columbus, GA

At Willow Point Dental in Columbus, GA, the goal of Dr. Joseph Narde and his staff are to assist patients in proper dental care in order to maintain oral health, as well as to avoid restorative dental procedures, when possible. Establishing a good routine of personal oral hygiene is essential to this goal, as are regular visits for professional cleanings and check-ups.

Despite our best efforts, circumstances may occur which would require a patient to undergo a root canal. This could be the result of decay, a cracked or broken tooth, or due to trauma. As a result, inflammation and infection may invade the pulp area of a tooth, which can lead to a great deal of discomfort for a patient.

Root canals are not popular in the minds of many patients. At Willow Point Dental, we hope to change that perception or prevent it from ever forming with our gentle and compassionate care. We utilize the latest technologies and procedures to provide our patients with extremely positive procedures to restore health and comfort quickly. Outcomes are improved due to unique aspects of our root canal therapy, such as the vertical condensation method, and the use of ozone therapy during treatment to eliminate even more harmful bacteria.

We have established various methods in order to ensure a comfortable and effective procedure for a patient, whether for a root canal, or any other treatment. Postponement of necessary treatment is never a good thing, and will most often lead to a more complex, and often more painful condition if not treated. A patient who is anxious about a dental procedure is encouraged to inquire about a more relaxing appointment through the use of nitrous oxide, NuCalm, a Tens Unit, or Music Therapy. We can help make patients more comfortable while making them healthy again. This is our goal for our patients – to feel calm and cared for, and to leave with no reservation to return for their next visit.

If you’re ready for a dental visit that more closely resembles a spa visit, contact Willow Point Dental in Columbus, and schedule your next appointment. If you require a root canal now, or in the future, we provide the environment, staff, skills, and care to make this visit different and one that will make you want to return to us in the future.

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