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Specialized training goes into dental implants provided at Columbus, GA, dental practice

Dental implants are performed at Willow Point Dental in Columbus, GA, by Dr. Joseph A. Narde, DDS, who has a wealth of experience and knowledge regarding implantology. These support rods are placed during a safe and simple surgical procedure performed in our office. They offer a wide variety of options for tooth replacements. Patients dealing with one or more missing teeth, or even an entire arch or mouthful, are encouraged to schedule a consultation and find out more about the benefits of dental implants.

A titanium rod is secured into the jawbone of the patient for each dental implant. This is what provides stability and permanency of the restoration, which is one of the best features. Implants provide alternatives or added security to other types of replacement options, such as bridges, partials, and full dentures. With implants, a patient will not have to deal with appliances that do not fit well, or that feel loose and move around. Yet another plus not provided by alternative choices is bone stimulation. Missing teeth means no roots to serve this purpose, except through implants. Bone stimulation encourages bone regeneration, and provides the patient with better oral health, and a more appealing facial structure.

During the consultation appointment, Dr. Narde evaluates a patient's health and suitability for implants. This is a point in the process where experience becomes invaluable. Through careful assessment, the most appropriate treatment plan will be developed and laid out for a patient. Change of specifics – such as one-day implants, or mini implants – is done at this stage, while also considering patient input. In the end, a patient will enjoy beautiful results, with teeth replacements that look and function like natural teeth.

For the best dental implant experience in Columbus, trust your care to Dr. Joseph A. Narde. You will enjoy gentle care from warm and concerned professionals, in soothing and calming surroundings. At the same time, nothing is sacrificed with regard to technology and innovation to ensure the most outstanding experience. Contact us today with questions or concerns regarding your dental care. At Willow Point Dental, we offer comprehensive dental services for the entire family.

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