Dentist in Columbus, GA discusses everything you need to know about dental implants

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Everything You Need to Know About Dental Implants in Columbus area
At Willow Point Dental, patients in the area of Columbus, Georgia can speak with Drs. Joseph Narde and Samantha Cook about the advantages of addressing missing teeth as soon as possible. Your oral health depends on having a smile that functions at its best. One option is dental implants. Our dentists can speak to you to educate you on everything you need to know about dental implants!

What is a dental implant?

Drs. Joseph Narde and Samantha Cook describe a dental implant as a titanium replacement tooth root. The dental implant is a small post that the dentist places into the bone of the jaw during oral surgery. The implant is then restored in a way that meets the patient’s needs. For example, patients who are replacing a single tooth with an implant will have a custom dental crown fabricated and placed over the abutment. Individuals using the implants to stabilize dentures will have a custom denture made that snaps into place. Alternatively, the dental implant may be used to hold a dental bridge on one side or the other.

Am I a candidate for a dental implant?

Determining candidacy for this or other dental restorations is done during an initial consultation. Drs. Joseph Narde and Samantha Cook evaluate patients to decide if they could benefit from an implant. Most of our patients who are considered appropriate for dental implants are individuals who have a smile that is healthy and free from periodontal disease and tooth decay. X-rays are also done to determine if the patient has enough bone structure to place an implant successfully. Without enough jawbone, patients may experience failure of their dental implant. Sufficient bone is needed for the implant to stimulate the growth of bone around the restoration through a process known as osseointegration.
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What is the process of obtaining a dental implant?

After the consultation appointment to determine candidacy, patients who want dental implants will then schedule their oral surgery. Oral surgery is done with proper sedation and anesthetic to ensure patients are comfortable throughout the procedure. Aftercare instructions are given for post-operative maintenance while the implant area heals, and the bone growth occurs. After the dental implant has become solid in its foundation, patients then come back to the dental office to have their restoration put in place. This restoration could be:
  • A dental crown
  • A dental bridge
  • A full denture
The process from start to finish often takes several weeks, though the results will last a lifetime!

When should I consider a dental implant?

Most patients consider dental implants because of their longevity. Permanent dental restorations do not require the removal and special care as other solutions do such as dentures. When patients have a dental implant placed and take good care of it, they will enjoy their restoration for a lifetime!

What should I do to take care of my dental implant?

What should I do to take care of my dental implant in Columbus, GA area First, patients should consider brushing and flossing as recommended to keep the surfaces of the teeth clean. This also removes food particles that can become trapped. By taking care of the smile, patients will have improved oral health benefits due to a reduced risk of developing periodontal disease and tooth decay. Patients should also schedule a dental appointment every six months for a cleaning and evaluation with their trusted dental team at Willow Point Dental.

Are you interested in dental implants?

The team of Willow Point Dental is pleased to provide a wide selection of restorative procedures to enhance the smile, even after tooth loss. If you have been considering the benefits of using dental implants, we welcome you to book a consultation visit with our staff to learn everything you need to know about these, and other dental restorations offered by Drs. Joseph Narde and Samantha Cook.Call the office at (706) 685-6787 or (706) 327-3364 and visit in Columbus, GA at 7189 Moon Road.

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