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Lumineers and veneers deliver smile makeovers to patients in and around Columbus area

Cosmetic dentistry has a positive effect on the self-esteem of treated patients. Improvement in the appearance of the teeth may be desired for various reasons. Some of the reasons include the shape of the teeth, gaps, or crowding from improper spacing, or perhaps a desire to improve the color or luster of teeth. Patients with aesthetic concerns living in or around the Columbus area are encouraged to schedule a consultation with Drs. Joseph A. Narde & Samantha Cook at Willow Point Dental for an evaluation and to discuss expectations and possible treatments. With pictures and wax models, Drs. Narde & Cook can give patients a view of what they might expect from smile improvement with Lumineers or veneers. Consultation is an important step to work out the details of the treatment and avoid results that would be complicated and costly to change.

Treatment may be available with very thin, yet strong, Lumineers. This requires little to no preparation of the teeth for application. In many cases, no discomfort will be experienced so no anesthesia is required. Over the course of only two visits after consultation, patients can achieve a complete smile makeover. The first visit is for dental impressions, and the second for the actual application of the veneers. For extensive restorations, a little more preparation of the teeth may be necessary. In some cases, patients will benefit from what might be called a three-quarter crown, which is essentially a half veneer, half crown. This allows a beautiful result while preserving more natural tooth structure than if the person has full tooth replacement. Experience shows that when healthy tooth structures can be preserved, it is usually in the best interest of patient health to do so.

What our patients say about Lumineers/Veneers Treatment

" For me going to the dentist is very uncomfortable but going to Willow point Dental makes me feel differently. They are awesome especially Ashley who always makes me feel so much better! I truly Love my dentist and staff they are so wonderful!"
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Choosing an experienced and qualified provider for veneer application is very important to the outcome. While being able to deliver on the "Hollywood smile" ideal, Drs. Narde & Cook take care to give patients a realistic and natural appearance, as well. The result is a beautiful and gleaming smile that doesn't bring attention to the work you’ve had performed.

If your smile makes you not want to smile, call Willow Point Dental for an appointment with Drs. Narde & Cook.
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In our home-like office setting, we will share with you how we can give you the smile you thought you could only dream about. Our practice is the place where patients are treated like family in an environment of comfort and ease. We look forward to the opportunity to meet your needs as one of our valued patients.

Lumineers and veneers are conveniently applied to teeth of patients in Columbus area dental practice to give them a beautiful yet natural smile makeover.

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