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Orthodontic treatment for adults and children is available at Columbus area dentistry practice

Orthodontics Columbus GA - Teeth with braces For residents in the Columbus, GA, area, orthodontic care is available in the comfort of the Willow Point Dental offices with Dr. Joseph A. Narde, DDS. With a focus on orthodontics for a period during his early education and continuing education throughout his career, he is able to offer orthodontic services to children and adults without needing to refer them outside of his practice. Through examination, he screens patients regarding the complexity of their condition, treats only the cases he is confident of, and does refer out individuals requiring a greater degree of specialization. He estimates that with 80 percent of patients needing some sort of orthodontic care, he will be comfortable in treating approximately 40 percent of those, and will refer the others out to a local qualified orthodontist.

At Willow Point Dental, comfortable, convenient ClearCorrect transparent aligners are the preferred treatment technique for adults and children. We also provide traditional braces, aesthetically pleasing tooth-colored braces, Cfast, and Six Month Smiles for adults in appropriate situations. These may be used on their own for treatment of a condition, some for visual enhancement alone, or in combination to achieve a more desirable outcome along with another procedure, such as in preparation for tooth veneers.

With regular dental visits, Dr. Narde will be able to keep parents abreast of their child’s developmental needs ahead of time. Each develops at his or her own unique pace, and being aware and proactive will have a positive impact on the patient’s comfort, as well as treatment expense. Early detection and preparation for crowding conditions may help reduce the level of treatment required, as well.

Willow Point Dental thrives on providing patients with options because we know that each case is special. For orthodontic care for our younger patients as they mature, or for adult patients who never had the proper attention as a child, or who just desire to improve the aesthetics of a healthy smile, we can help evaluate and treat your orthodontic need. We invite you to schedule your next routine care appointment with us, or setup a consultation appointment and discuss options for treatment during that visit. Our office is designed to give patients a positive experience in terms of atmosphere and care from the moment you walk in, until you’re walking out. When you visit our practice for your family's preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dental needs, you may find it so enjoyable that you don't feel as if you’ve had a dental visit at all.

Dr. Narde is able to provide customized treatments for many therapeutic and cosmetic orthodontic needs for adults and children in his Columbus dental practice.

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