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Dr. Joseph Narde (Willow Point Dental) is an experienced dentist providing ClearCorrect aligners in Columbus, GA to suitable candidates with highly successful outcomes.
Worried about using ugly and abrasive metal braces? Here’s an alternative you will love. ClearCorrect aligners, made using BPA-free plastic, are as effective as regular braces and invisible to others, unlike its traditional metallic counterpart. ClearCorrect was developed based on a thorough understanding of both the patients’ needs and comfort.
ClearCorrect is as effective as regular braces in correcting the straightness and spacing of teeth. This means that you can dream of obtaining a perfect smile without enduring the pain and discomfort involved in using the metal braces. Make sure that you choose a ClearCorrect provider who has skill and experience in performing this orthodontic treatment.

Disadvantages of the older metal braces include:

  • Lack of convenience
  • Discomfort in use
  • High maintenance (frequent orthodontist adjustments are mandatory)

ClearCorrect does away with all these disadvantages and offers patients the following benefits:

  • Difficult to detect plastic aligners
  • A non-intrusive and non-metal alternative
  • Maximum comfort thanks to negligible changes to daily routine
ClearCorrect is effective for all kinds of teeth alignment needs except severe crowding or other serious teeth defects.

Not only patients, even dentists today prefer ClearCorrect for smile correction treatments because of its convenience for users. Because it is difficult to detect, younger patients, persons in the entertainment industry, adults, and others conscious about their appearance prefer ClearCorrect. Its ease of maintenance also plays a big role in its popularity.
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Having been on the market for several years, ClearCorrect has been used by over 6 million patients, i.e. over 25 percent of the adult market. By achieving this milestone in less than twenty years, ClearCorrect has positioned itself as a mainstream brand in the orthodontic field.

Advantages of ClearCorrect Aligners

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  • Undetectable – Made from transparent thermoplastic, nobody except the wearer knows about its presence. Patients can therefore relax and interact with others in an uninhibited manner. This feature brings both aesthetic and psychological comfort to the patient.
  • Removable –You can remove, store and reuse ClearCorrect aligners without altering its effectiveness. During sports, while eating or for cleaning; there are many instances when a patient removes his or her ClearCorrect aligners and reuses them when the task is complete. Such a luxury is not available to users of metal braces.
  • Low maintenance – ClearCorrect aligners can be washed with soap and water. Brushing them like brushing the teeth will not damage them either. Can any maintenance be simpler than that?
  • Effect on cavities –When compared to the agony of struggling with sharp edges of metal braces and the constant nips and cuts caused by broken wires, using ClearCorrect is a hassle-free experience. Its flat surface eliminates risk of injuries to the inner surface of the mouth. It is also designed to fit perfectly onto the patient’s teeth and apply optimal pressure at the right locations. There are no unnecessary gaps or protruding edges to cause risk to the user.
  • Low injury risk – Sportspersons and others whose daily routine puts them at risk of foreign objects contacting their jaws and mouth can use ClearCorrect aligners without fear of injury.
  • Comfort – Unlike metal braces, which have several damage-prone parts and wires rubbing against the soft inner surface of the mouth, ClearCorrect aligners are a single-mold without any sharp edges. This ensures the comfort of users and protects them from injuries or irritation.
  • Hygiene - Food particles cannot become lodged in the smooth ClearCorrect surface, unlike metal braces, where this risk is high. This makes oral hygiene easier.
  • Accuracy – The technologically designed ClearCorrect is very precise. From creating an image of the patient’s teeth to fabricating the actual aligners, everything is done using digital technology, ensuring that even the smallest contour of the patient’s teeth is captured in the final product. This maximizes effectiveness while eliminating discomfort and reduces duration of use.
  • Result prediction – ClearCorrect analyzes patient’s data to project the outcome of the realignment process, using prediction tools. These predictions have proved to be so accurate that even non-orthodontic dentists can use ClearCorrect aligners on their patients.
Dr. Joseph Narde (Willow Point Dental) is an experienced dentist providing ClearCorrect aligners in Columbus, GA to suitable candidates with highly successful outcomes. New patients can call (706) 685-6787 for an appointment, while existing patients can call (706) 327-3364.

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