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7189 Moon Road, Columbus, GA 31909 | Directions

Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

Dr Narde has been my dentist every since Dr Benson retired. I am 77 years old and have had a lot of dental work. Without a doubt, he is the best I have ever had! He knows what he is doing and is great at what he does‼️

~ Earnest D.
My hygienist Jenny was absolutely phenomenal! I was nervous and she explained every step, made jokes, was personable, and incredibly gentle. Will be requesting her for my children as well!

~ Kymberlaine W. Jun 28, 2018
Rhonda is so good!
Makes it so easy.

~ Darrell D. Jun 28, 2018
Third time visiting Willow Point Dental. They are outstanding. Better experience each time I go.

~ William M. Jun 28, 2018
The dental hygienist was very knowledgeable and I actually learned from her. She was a sincerely nice lady and honestly she gave me the best cleaning that I ever had!

~ Alicia S. Jun 27, 2018
Everyone was friendly and i really appreciate how laury took time out to explain my procedure as well as letting me know about the laughing gas and my guard. It helped me to relax a little which made the procedure go much smoother. I actually have been going to Willow point dental for a while and have always had a wonderful experience. Thanks Dr. Narde and staff!

~ Felicia B. Jun 23, 2018
The staff and Dr. Narde are incredible. So glad I found an amazing Dentist upon moving here!

~ Rachel H. Jun 22, 2018
Always friendly and welcoming.. Get you in and out in a timely manner..

~ Shakeka C. Jun 16, 2018
The staff was very friendly and happy. Lori answered all my questions and explained what I needed to do in the future for my gum health. Also I met the Friday doctor. I can't remember her name. She was super nice. I'm so thankful I have such a wonderful dental team.

~ Jo Ellen H. Jun 15, 2018
I have always had great experiences with Willow Point.

~ Stacey S. Jun 15, 2018
Love the staff at Willow Point and of course Dr.Narde!
Had a new girl clean my teeth yesterday and she was great!

~ Rhonda B. Jun 15, 2018
I’ve been going to Dr. Narde for about 10 years and have always had a great experience with him and his staff.

~ Jackie P. Jun 12, 2018
Lindsey was very personable and informative. The staff always make my dental visits smooth and comfortable.

~ Santouria J.
I still get very nervous and I am still scared when I have an appt but each and every one that works in this place knows how to calm me down and make my silly self feel better I would highly highly recommend them!!!

~ Anthony and Sabine A.
Had an immediate dental issue that was quickly resolved.

~ David M.
Excellent appointment even with the pressure of being short staff. Wonderful and caring dentist and staff!

~ David M.
Very professional, very nice and super accommodating, I wouldn’t go anywhere else to be seen.

~ Sophia L.
This appointment was a follow up visit, to a previous appointment 2 weeks ago. Lori did an excellent job of removing the topical stains on my teeth

~ Caponier W.
This is the most friendly and efficiently dental office in Columbus , Ga.

~ Margaret B.
Great experience every single time I’m in there .Truly care about there patients...Staff is great and greets you all the way to the needle or a simple cleaning ..

~ Doug M.
I had a problem with a tooth. After calling to share my pain, the Staff was quick to give me an appointment with in a couple of hours. The entire staff was eager to help ease my pain. I was given many options to help rectify my problem. Today, I am feeling much better because they cared

~ Santouria J.
The dental hygienist is thorough and just sooo nice. Everyone is a pleasure to meet and speak with. They make you feel welcomed and get you in and out as scheduled. They seem to care more for my teeth than I do. Best dentist I've been to ever

~ Michael B.
Great team! EVERYONE is efficient and super friendly! Makes going to the dentist a much easier experience.

~ Melissa S.
The service was great and the staff is very friendly, thorough and professional. I would recommend everyone to visit here.

~ Kerry M.
Love the staff! Always professional and on time. My family and I have used their services for 20 years. Thank you Dr. Bards and staff for always taking care of us.

~ Melissa A.
I have always received excellent dental care at Willow Point. Marty is an excellent Hygienist. Dr. Narde is an excellent dentist. I can highly recommend Willow Point.

~ Jim C.
My family and I have been visiting Willow Point Dental for many years. Wonderful staff from the waiting room to the Dentist's office to check- out.Pleasant, welcoming, professional and excellent care.

~ Joe C.
Nice staff, great dental care.

~ Marouene M.
The B E S T dentist in town! Really nice office + leading edge equipment. I like that HGTV plays in the waiting room (as opposed to the negative energy of news networks). And the lake view and warm pillow from the patient chair is a nice bonus!

~ Olivia H.
Dr. Narde is an excellent Dentist. Extremely knowledgeable and provides adequate and detailed explanation of everything. He's indeed the best dentist in this area. His staff is extremely friendly and efficient. His office is top of the line and in a great location. Absolutely a great experience every time I visit.

~ Tony P.
Personalized care...I have been a patient for years...my hygienist, Marty, is thorough and answers all my questions. They use the latest techniques and equipment.

~ Renee M.
Dr. Narde is an excellent Dentist. Extremely knowledgeable and provides adequate and detailed explanation of everything. He's indeed the best dentist in this area. His staff is extremely friendly and efficient. His office is top of the line and in a great location. Absolutely a great experience every time I visit.

~ Tony P.
A comfortable, professional experience. Never feel rushed.

~ Carol M.
Wonderful, relaxing atmosphere! The doctor and staff are caring and attentive. Tammy and I hit it off immediately.

~ R. D.
Always a great experience. Kind friendly staff. Would definitely recommend.

~ Robert M.
For me going to the dentist is very uncomfortable but going to Willow point Dental makes me feel differently. They are awesome especially Ashley who always makes me feel so much better! I truly Love my dentist and staff they are so wonderful!

~ Sarah R.
Very polite and attentive staff.

~ Thomas S.
An excellent dentist office! If only all other health and dental providers followed suit! Even as a customer with "numerous" dental issues, it's still a pleasure to have my teeth cleaned here! Keep up the good work folks!

~ Clinton M.
I have been going to this dental practice in Columbus, Ga for years and continue to be impressed with their excellent service. Such a relaxing dental experience!

~ Anonymous
The best Dental office in Columbus.

~ Carla O C.
I had four teeth worked on yesterday. Dr. Narde have me a virtually painless needle to numb me up, his staff was so attentive and accommodating to my needs. I lost faith in ever finding a good dentist and actually think I found the best dentist EVER! The facility is clean and Dr. Narde was gentle, kind, efficient and everything I had done was less than an hour!

~ Arnita H.
Willow Point Dental has changed my mind about going to the dentist. The office is relaxing and feels like home (even the bathroom is beautiful!), and the staff is simply amazing. Everyone in the office makes it their mission to make you feel comfortable, at ease, and part of a family. And, the hygienists and Dr. Narde take the time to really teach you about your dental health (not just poke around and send you on your way) and how it relates to your overall health.

~ Amber B.
Dr. Narde is a great dentist and everyone in the office is kind and considerate. They always seem to bend over backward to accommodate my needs. I highly recommend Willow Point Dental to my family, friends, and anyone in need of dental care.

~ Rick M.
My husband and I are a Military family. My husband has nine combat tours in the Army and has earned FIVE Bronze Stars. We know what it means to stand up for Freedom and for our Country, and we definitely believe in The Lord. We also know that Dr. Narde , his wife and staff are honorable, compassionate and caring when it comes to their clients. They treat every single one of us like family!! Dr. Narde is not concerned about your payment, he is concerned about your health. I have never heard his staff tell anyone that they could not help them if they did not have enough money to pay at the time that services are rendered. Our world needs more families who are in the medical field who care about others before a dollar. I want to personally thank Dr. Narde and his wife for being kind hearted and honest! Oh, and if you are in their office don't forget to look at the awesome gifts that Mrs. Narde makes on her off time, and I don't know where that comes from. Blessings to everyone !!

~ Cynthia R.
The staff is so wonderful. Our first visit was on Halloween and it was awesome. Everyone is so friendly and the doctor was great. So glad that a co-worker told me about them. Y'all are amazing!!

~ Anna W.
Dr. Narde and the staff at Willow Point Dental are simply awesome. Janet is great too. She practically knows all the patients by name and goes above and beyond to assist them. Good job Dr. Narde!

~ Tina N Travis Davis
This was my first visit and the staff was extremely nice.

~ Andy A.
A few years ago i had a "right K-9 tooth" and the incisor next to it break off at the gum line....a while back ive had the front incisor (front tooth) next to them crack along the gum line in the front and the back of the tooth....about a month ago these teeth gave me issues and my face swelled up so bad,...I woke up and my right eye was swollen shut....anyway,....i had a dentist appointment Wednesday June 8, 2016 at Willow Point Dental in Columbus Georgia...they took a few x rays, and the dentist there, Dr. Narde came in, took a look and asked me if "i was up for getting them pulled?....being as i was already here....i replied , "sure why not".....after the shots of "local", in about 15 minutes, all 3 teeth were pulled...it was so quick and easy and i must say very painless.....the staff at Willow Point Dental are awesome....THANK YOU so very much and God Bless

~ Steven N.
The staff at Willow Point is unparalleled. From the top down. You can tell that everyone's main concern is YOU the patient, client, customer. They call you by name and do everything to make your visit comfortable. You can tell that Dr. Narde treats his staff very well and that care is extended to you throughout. The office is clean and well appointed. The patient rooms have a lovely view of a quaint little pond. Willow Point takes the anxiety right out of 'going to the dentist'. Thank you Willow Point Family.

~ Jeff. H.G
The dentist and staff are amazing. I will be having some major work done and would only come here to get it done. I can't say enough great things about their office.

~ Heidi. L
My husband, Gary, who doesn't "do FB" insisted that I log on to review his experience with Tammy Cruz today! He wants to thank you, Tammy & Dr. Narde for always making him comfortable during his cleanings and procedures. Tammy, he swears you are the most gentle hygienist that has ever cleaned his teeth! High praise! Thanks so much!

~ Teri. R
The staff at this office is awesome. My whole family comes here.From me my wife daughter and granddaughter.

~ Joseph. J. R
Best dentist I've ever been to! It has the view of a lake, and is so peaceful. Great staff and Marty was awesome.

~ Mariah. E.P
Dr. Narde is an awesome Dentist! I have been his patient for 18 years and always receive excellent service! The staff is wonderful also!

~ Jackie. R
Love the staff. My son is 7 and they make him feel completely at ease.

~ Denise. R.G
My family & I ♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡ Dr. Narde & his staff :-);-):-D Every time we go in, they make us feel like family! wink emoticon He is so gentle & good and what he does. Best dentist around!

~ Diana. J. H
Awesome...i'd suggest Dr.Narde to anyone that requires dentistry work! Painless procedures, friendly staff and prompt service! 5 Star's!!!!

~ Shawnita. R
Best dentist ever! Especially good for those who are terrified of the dentist.

~ Stephanie. K.D
Dr. Narde and his staff make you feel so welcomed and appreciated! I will NEVER go anywhere else!

~ Lesley. R
It's a wonderful place! With great people.

~ Susan. S
I've been a patient of Dr. Narde and his wonderful staff since 2006 and have received nothing but outstanding care during that time. Most recently, Dr. Narde applied a technique that turned what might have been a potentially uncomfortable process for me into a quick, effective, and painless procedure. Dr. Narde always answers my questions, offering as much information as I wish. Dr. Narde's open, friendly manner and professional excellence is matched by his entire staff, making every step from appointment scheduling to dental care to payments worry-free. I have and will continue to recommend Willow Point Dental to friends and neighbors!

~ P.A. Norris