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Pediatric Dentistry

Dentistry for kids is a pleasant experience at dental practice in Columbus, GA

Residents in and around Columbus, GA, seeking pediatric dentistry services will find what is needed for their children, as well as the entire family, at Willow Point Dental. We are pleased to care for patients of all ages, generally beginning at age three. Regular dental visits are important, and will be easier for both parents and children if the environment is comfortable and welcoming, rather than frightening and mysterious.

One important step in selecting a dentist for kids is to first be sure that the dentist desires to treat children, and that each member of the staff shares in the commitment to provide a positive experience for even the youngest patients. This takes a special rapport with kids, who normally are very skeptical initially. Willow Point Dental is equipped and experienced to meet the different requirements of pediatric patients. We go even further to cater to the unique needs of every child or adult. This is the way we practice, and a philosophy that our patients find very appealing.

Parents can trust that we offer quality pediatric dental services because we desire to contribute to good oral health for kids beginning at an early age, and to be able to continue that commitment as they mature, all the way through adulthood. All of this is available in the same location where they can start and stay, because it is familiar, comfortable, and trusted. What better way to encourage a lifetime of good oral health?

We encourage dental visits as a family so that younger children may observe a parent or older sibling enjoying their dental care services. This is a great way to lead by example, and to eliminate some of the fear over unfamiliar situations. We also understand that asking questions and getting answers is how a person learns. We are happy to provide an explanation to children or parents regarding any of the tools or procedures implemented during their dental visits. If the uneasiness is prevalent and continues, we never force. We will encourage and implement methods to achieve results, if possible; but we do not wish to develop negative associations that will have to be overcome at a later date. Sometimes nitrous oxide is all that is required to safely calm a patient during their visit, so that we can continue to grow the relationship in the right direction.

Do not neglect to schedule visits for your child and yourself. Preventative care can be proactive in preventing troublesome and costly issues in the future. Call to schedule appointments with Dr. Joseph A. Narde, DDS, at Willow Point Dental, in order to receive expert assistance with the education, growth, prevention and intervention methods in dentistry for you and your child.

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