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Choices in prosthodontics contributes to the individualized care for patients in Columbus

Prosthodontics is the area of dentistry that includes "prosthetics," such as crowns and bridges, which serve as restorative treatments for dental patients. While most dental practices offer some form of these applications, there are differences in the procedure, the materials used, and application. A visit to Drs. Joseph A. Narde & Samantha Cook at Willow Point Dental allows you assess a wide variety of options. Drs. Narde & Cook treat each patient as an individual and each restorative treatment is based on that case alone, not a one-size-fits-all approach.

The list of choices can be long and complicated. This is why you want an experienced and knowledgeable practitioner to address your dental needs. Different materials may be chosen to construct a crown, based on the needs of the patient, the extent of the treatment, budget considerations, and the desire of the patient after consultation with Drs. Narde & Cook. Some products may be made in our office, while others are custom-ordered from specially chosen laboratories. Whatever the case, the overall consideration is primarily what is in the best interest of the patient.

Drs. Narde & Cook still offer bridges, but first want patients to be aware of the benefits available for this type of application with a newer alternative, dental implants. Patients will be able to evaluate each option to determine, along with input from the dentist, the ideal solution to meet their needs.

What our patients say about Prosthodontics Treatment

"I've been a client since Willow Point opened and have always received professional and excellent services. The hygienists are always welcome to see you and endeavor to give you the best care. Dr. Narde has always made sure to properly diagnose any dental issues and ensured I received the proper dental care. They have always kept excellent dental records and have never denied Delta Dental insurance. I would recommend Willow Point Dental to everyone. "
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The very latest technology coming to Willow Point Dental is the ability to mill zirconia crowns same day, in office. We have chosen to invest in this 3M™ True-Definition scanner, CAD/CAM the milling machine, developed by Glidewell, to be able to deliver an expedient, extremely durable, and precise solution in the best interest of our patients. We value your time, just like you do, and this technology will allow same-day restorations to get you back to living life – but now just a little more beautifully. This adds another reason to the list of why you should visit us for all your dental needs if you live in the Columbus area.

Drs. Joseph Narde & Samantha Cook deliver the latest most innovative technologies and options in the area of prosthodontics to patients of Willow Point Dental in Columbus.
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