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Dental crowns offer beautiful and safe tooth restoration in Columbus, GA

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Dental Restoration from Dr.Joseph Narde, Joseph Narde, D.D.S.
When a tooth is severely damaged, many patients wonder if should be extracted. While there are great options for replacing a missing tooth, most dentists will recommend saving the tooth with a restoration such as a dental crown. Patients in Columbus, GA, often turn to Dr. Joseph Narde of Willow Point Dental to save weak or damaged teeth.

What is a dental crown?

A dental crown is a tooth shaped cap that covers the surface of the tooth. Crowns are used for several reasons. First they are used in conjunction with root canal treatment that removes much of the inside of the tooth, leaving it weak. Root canal treatments can also cause the tooth to become dark over time. The dental crown will cover the tooth to prevent it from breaking and or becoming discolored.

Dental crowns are also used to restore a broken or fractured tooth; to cosmetically cover a discolored or misshaped tooth; to protect and restore a tooth that has become weak due to decay; and to support a tooth with a big filling. A dental crown is also used as part of restorations for missing teeth in conjunction with dental implants and dental bridges.

How are crowns made?

Crowns can be made of materials such as gold, metal, or porcelain. Porcelain is more popular because it’s strong, durable and can be customized to match the shade of the patient’s teeth. In some instances, the specifications for the crown will be sent to a lab where the crown will be made. In other cases, the crown can be created in the office giving patients a better smile in a single visit.

Is a crown the right option for me?

If you have a tooth that is damaged or broken, call Dr Narde at (706) 685-6787 to schedule an appointment to discuss your options

Dr. Joseph Narde of Willow Point Dental in Columbus, GA, helps patients improve their smiles and the health of their mouth with dental crown tooth restorations.

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