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TMJ Evaluations and Treatment

TMJ evaluations are a regular part of dental exams in Columbus dentistry office and treatment is available if needed

TMJ Treatment Columbus - Feeling Jaw Pain TMJ is a term people often use to refer to an uncomfortable dysfunction in a joint of the jaw, but actually, TMJ is an abbreviation for this joint itself. Patients visiting Dr. Joseph A. Narde of Willow Point Dental in Columbus all receive an evaluation of their temporomandibular joint, or TMJ, during their initial examination in his office. In his experience, he has found that many patients do some kind of clenching of their jaw or grinding of teeth, and so attention to care in this area may prevent complex problems. Treatment that Dr. Narde can provide for TMJ concerns can be as simple as a mouth guard. Many types are available, including soft, hard, or ones designed for the anterior position only.

If Dr. Narde notices any issues or patients express any problems, he will conduct a complete TMJ workup during a follow-up visit. This includes X-rays of the joints, palpation of the muscles used in chewing, models of a person’s dental arches, and mounting on an articulator to allow a detailed evaluation of a person’s bite. This will provide a great deal of valuable information to the doctor and allow him to design treatment plans for correction. Treatments could include a mouth guard, night guard, adjustment to the occlusion to deliver better bite contact surfaces, or even orthodontic treatment to reposition teeth.

Problems noted in the disc area are found to be more muscle-related, generally caused by stress. Dr. Narde suggests a variety of treatment options for this particular concern. Patients may benefit from a night guard. Most patients experience improvement in stress-related conditions with meditation techniques and exercise. Massage therapy is helpful in these instances, as well. For with the TMJ in which patients experience tightening and pain, Dr. Narde may recommend Motrin or prescribe a muscle relaxant to provide relief.

Patients do not have to suffer with untreated TMJ issues. Contact Willow Point Dental for an appointment with Dr. Narde, and allow him to put his training and experience into action for your benefit. We invite you to choose Willow Point for comprehensive dental care for every member of your family.

Dr. Joseph Narde evaluates TMJ health during patient exams at Willow Point Dental in Columbus and provides further evaluation and treatments when necessary.