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Video Testimonials

Professional Dental Team – Patient Experience at Willow Point Dental

Here is how one patient explains his wonderful experience at his second family Willow Point Dental.

Best Dental Cleaning – Patient pleasant experience at Willow Point Dental

I look forward to get my teeth cleaned twice a year says a delighted patient with the service of hygienist and Dr.Narde.

Best Dental Service – Fun dentist for Kids at Willow Point Dental

My Kids love coming here says a happy patient who visits Dr. Narde for the past 20 years; explaining how amazing the service is at Willow Point Dental.

Personalized Dental Service – Happy Patients at Willow Point Dental

A happy patient encourages everyone in the Columbus area to visit Dr. Narde and his lovely staff to experience the best dental care.

Healthy and Happy Smile – Two Decades with Willow Point Dental

Here’s what a patient who has been visiting Dr. Narde over the past 20 years has to say about her healthy and happy teeth.

Uplifting Dental Experiences – Mr Robinson's Experience at Willow Point Dental

A Satisfied patient Mr Robinson talks about his wonderful experience and the efficient dental services that Dr. Narde provides.

Best Smile Transformation – Story of a new patient at Willow Point Dental

Here is what a new patient who has always been terrified of going to a dentist has to say about the warm welcome from the front desk staff and the Doctor at Willow Point Dental.

Best Dentist in Columbus – Best Dentist I Have Ever Had says Raelissa

Click to see the highest recommendation for Dr. Narde by happy patient Raelissa. She is extremely happy with the service at Willow Point Dental and says Dr. Narde is the best dentist I have ever had.

Family Dental Care –A Pleasant Experience of a new patient

Find out a new patient’s recommendation and reference to everyone to go visit Dr. Narde, for any dental problem.

Outstanding Dental Service – 17 years of Pleasant experience at Willow Point Dental

A long standing patient is thankful and pleased for the outstanding service provided by Dr. Narde and the staff for the past 17 years.

Professional Teeth Cleaning – A Great Teeth Cleaning Experience at Willow Point Dental

A patient describes his great experience of teeth cleaning and how Dr. Narde takes care of his teeth. He loves to visit Dr. Narde and loves the total experience at Willow Point Dental.

Beautiful Smile Restorations –A military patient’s story at Willow Point Dental

Here is what this military patient has to say about the service provided by Dr.Narde. “This guy was so good and he never hurt me.”

Friendly Dental Staff –First Visit at Willow Point Dental

Click through to watch what a very new patient has to say about these caring and great professionals at Willow Point Dental on her first visit.

Favorite Dentist –The Family Dentist at Willow Point Dental

These patients want visitors to Dr. Narde to have fun at Willow Point Dental. They send their love all the way to their favorite dentist.

Great Teeth Great Smile and Great Look – Positive Patient Reviews at Willow Point Dental

A satisfied patient share his thoughts of his new look ,new smile and the super awesome job done by Dr.Narde.